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Comments About the Program

Materials are excellent. Role playing was helpful. Being able to network with others in class. Finding out about available resources.

I have enjoyed the lesson plan section. I needed to know where to start and how to plan out a class. I’m greatful (sic) for all the information. I feel better prepared for the classroom setting. I feel more knowledgeable in sewing levels or skill levels as well as what to teach. Having information and forms for teaching in the stores gives me more confidence in making the first step.

I liked exploring where teaching opportunities are. Thinking about what type of teaching to target as well as age groups and learning how to promote myself as a teacher/instructor. Love the resources that are available.

Learning how to write lesson plans has been most valuable.

I have enjoyed the complete class. All the information along with demonstrations, materials were balanced - not as a sales pitch for any company. Great. Thank you!

What I most have benefitted from is how much time and detail and thought goes into planning a demo. I think about what I prepared to present and it’s absolutely nothing. I didn’t put the kind of thought into it that I’ve learned, nor are my samples adequate. I appreciate the effort that went into designing this course.

The written material we received was great. Having something like that to follow made it easy to keep up and great following our teacher. There are so many things to do I'm not sure where to start. My mind is running faster than what I can accomplish. I would like some additional guidance with business promotions and marketing.

There was lots and lots of information. GREAT Instructor. I want to start a business of teaching and I needed help to "bring it all together." Would love to see follow-up information, possibly an "advanced course" - Certified Teacher #2 Refresher course.

The most helpful aspect so far was hearing from people’s real life examples. We can read the textbook on our own, but class dialogue and input has been very important and inspirational. Structuring a lesson plan is a serious issue. Knowing how important it is to be organized & focused will improve my teaching style and challenge me to be and appear more professional. I’ve been in business for 30 years and made lots of $$ - but not in teaching. I don’t want to cripple along looking desperate, giving away the store or under valuing my services. I have alot to offer students and want my course to reflect that but I am very aware of my need to improve my skills & techniques.

The thing I found most valuable was to keep learning and trying different approaches so that fun work becomes playful learning. TSI is only the beginning of a new adventure to fulfill a dream.

I learned that there are options of how and where to host classes / earn money. The sewing lounge idea was totally the tops!

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